Beginners Crochet Class

At Each One Unique we are fascinated by all things wool, not only because it’s fun, colourful, cuddly and fashionable but because the fibre itself has unique properties

Five Things You (Probably!) Didn't Know About Wool

Everyone is familiar with wool. We’ve all got at least one woolly jumper somewhere and perhaps a granny or aunt that knits but there are lots of things about wool that you might not be so accustomed to. Not Just Sheep Wool comes from sheep, right? Well yes, most of it does but that’s not the whole story - there’s a whole range of cuddly animals which produce wool, each example of which has its own qualities.

Our new store

Hello Again! It was lovely to meet you at Masham’s Monthly Artisan Market, hopefully we’ll see you at the Creative Crafters Fair 29th & 30th May 2021! We have so much happening it’s hard to know where to start. New stock will be coming our way soon! Everything is so exciting at the moment, so much is happening behind the scenes. We are planning The Grand Opening of the ‘Craft Den’!

A Little History of Wool

A Little History of Wool Wool, of course, has been famed throughout history. You’ve probably heard of Homer’s magical and heroic tale of the Golden Fleece and although we’ll likely never know whether was a true story - it sure does make for a good yarn! Sheep are valued for their fleeciness, however that wasn’t always the case. People started keeping sheep at least 9000 years ago but in those days, the wild sheep that were first captured had more hair than wool!

Why Merino Wool is the Fibre of Choice for Active People

Beginners Introduction To Crochet Please come join us; we have the following dates available Thursday 10th June, Friday 18th June & Thursday 24th June 10 am – 2 pm Light Lunch is included Please come along for a relaxed, fun filled day. Introductory price £20, Spaces are limited £10 deposit required. Email to book your place or for further details.

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Each one Unique are proud to work with Wensleydale shear…

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