About me

Each One Unique is literally a product of our passion. A combination of wanting to show our wonderful creations to the wider crafting/textile community and being constantly let down by there just simply not being enough choice as well as wanting to help people expand their skills and increase their confidence because we believe that textiles and crafting is like art, therapy and religion all rolled into a patchwork tapestry and funnelled into pieces that are not only beautiful but functional as well.

This is me

We aim to bring you the best of the standard wools as well as stocking those hard to find premium brands. We have been creating for decades and we look forwards to welcoming you into our realm :)

We are also running a catalogue of courses, the places are limited and book up really quickly so if you are keen to attend, make sure you book quickly, we are looking to launch virtual versions of our courses so you can make custom pieces like the ones we show.

As our name, we believe that every person, just like each of our creations is unique and we want to help our customers connect with their inner Seamstress, we are just as happy to have a cuppa and a natter and offer some friendly advice because we know that a trusted opinion leads to long lasting customer satisfaction, drop in to see us, say hi anywhere online or visit us at one of the many events we attend, we look forwards to seeing you soon.